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Do you ever wish...

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You had someone who could help you get your photography business off the ground?

Someone who has been through it (the hard way) and knows all the mistakes to avoid?

You knew someone who could help you fast track your success?

Hi, I'm Catie - photographer, wife, mom, educator & business coach

Hey Photographer...

You're probably in the early years of your photography business.

You have no clue if your pricing is profitable or what the heck bookkeeping even is

You're pretty overwhelmed by the business side of photography

You're tired of dropping the ball and forgetting things on your to-do list

You don't have time to figure it all out on your own

You want to find a better way before you plunge into burnout...or worse, give up. 

10 years ago, I was you.

I knew there had to be a better way.

I was in the early years of my photography business with no experience of how to run a business

I wasn't sure how to pay myself from my own I didn't really

I worried if I remembered to backup my memory cards, email a client, or delivery a gallery

I based my pricing around what others in my area were charging, not knowing how they came to those numbers

I was overwhelmed and frustrated at the amount of admin tasks to run a business

From Confused 
to Confident

The GRIT to figure it out!

I went from confused and overwhelmed by the business to a confident and profitable business owner.

No business degree
No mentor
No clue what I was doing

But there was ONE thing I did have...

I learned to...

Setup my business properly

Create profitable packages

Save time & effort with automated systems

Craft an elevated experience

Pay myself confidently

AND NOW I want to teach you to do the same!

One on One Mentoring

Congratulations on embarking on your photography journey! Whether you're a brand new to photography or you've been shooting for a few years now, I'm here to support you and share all the resources and knowledge you need to take your business to the next level and achieve your goals.

I believe in being completely open and honest with those I mentor. So, no matter what questions you have, whether you feel it's too basic or silly to ask, I'm here to answer and share my experiences, opinions, and suggestions to help you make the best decisions for your business.

Each mentor session is customized to meet your unique needs, so you can be assured that you're getting personalized guidance that aligns with your goals. I'm excited to help you on your journey to becoming a successful photographer and entrepreneur!

What is One on One Mentoring?

My main goal for our session isn't just to help your business get better. I want you to feel more confident in yourself as a business owner.

Every business is different and that's what makes them amazing! There's no single perfect plan for business strategy. That's why I keep things simple during our sessions. You're in charge of what you want to learn and how much help you need.

You can choose between Online Mentoring and Voxer Coaching sessions and In-Person VIP Day options. Check out the different mentoring packages I offer by scrolling down!

If you're not sure which option to go with, just fill out the inquiry form and tell me what you're looking for. I'll help you figure out which package is best for you!

The Investment

Mentoring & Coaching

Maybe you wish you had a coach in your back pocket to ask questions as you think of them. Voxer is a great way to get all your questions answered without having to schedule a specific time to meet. All questions asked during a designated timeframe will be answered asynchronously.

Private Voxer Coaching
from $197

Are you ready to hit the ground running? This package includes six hours of mentoring and six accountability calls after the workshop. It's perfect for those who want to take a deep dive into their business right away and create a lot of momentum in a short amount of time. Let's work together to make big things happen!

Mentoring VIP Day

Whether it's help with pricing, getting a website audit, talking about building a personal brand, or photography business topics, no question or topic is off-limits! You'll walk away with your questions answered and ready to take your business to the next level.

Power Hour Mentoring

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learn more

Whether you're just starting out with your photography business or you're already established and looking to take a deep dive into improving, this workshop is perfect for you! We'll cover everything from legal requirements to camera skills, branding, online presence, attracting clients, shooting, image delivery, and blogging. You can ask me anything and everything - I'm an open book. You get to choose the focus of our session.

To begin, simply fill out an inquiry form to set up a discovery call. We'll use this call to discuss any questions you have about the mentorship, go over the investment, and schedule your mentoring day. Once we've scheduled your day, you'll need to sign a contract and make full payment to secure your spot. I'll then send you a discovery questionnaire to help me tailor the workshop to your specific needs!

If you choose to have an in-person session, we'll meet at my studio in Frisco, TX. If you're not in the area, we can do your mentoring workshop via Zoom! By the end of our session, you'll have a complete step-by-step "What's Next" list to start implementing in your business.

Following the workshop, we'll have six accountability calls, to be used within six months, to check in on your progress and answer any new questions that arise!

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Are you feeling a bit lost and unsure where to start with your photography business? No worries! Let's have a Mentoring Power Hour either over Zoom or in-person over coffee. During this hour, you can ask me any questions you have, and I'll be an open book!

This is also a fantastic option if you're not quite ready to invest in a Half or Full Day Workshop. We can schedule individual Power Hours every few weeks or months to gradually help you get your business set up without having to make the full investment upfront.

If you decide after going through a Power Hour that a Full Day Mentoring Workshop would be more beneficial, you'll be able to book the full workshop for just $575!

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Half Day Mentoring Workshops are a good option for those who want to work on a specific area of their business. You may want to learn more about using your camera, defining your ideal client, creating a smoother workflow, or figuring out how to price your services. This option provides a good starting point.

To begin, fill out an inquiry form to set up a discovery call. During this call, we will answer your questions about the mentorship, discuss the investment, and schedule your mentoring day. To secure your date, you will need to sign a contract and pay in full. After booking, I will send you a discovery questionnaire to help me create a workshop tailored to your needs.

If you prefer an in-person session, we will meet at my studio in Frisco, TX. Snacks and drinks will be provided. Alternatively, you may choose to have your mentoring workshop via Zoom if you are not in the area. At the end of the workshop, you will receive a complete, step-by-step "What's Next" list to guide your business implementation.

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I was so lost when it came to the business side of things. She helped get me set up with my photography business. Now I feel confident accepting clients and feeling professional.
— Audrey

"Catie talked me through how to structure my pricing...I never would have figured that out."

I’m the owner and lead photographer at Catie Ronquillo Photography. For over twelve years, I’ve photographed people for their weddings and senior portraits, and for the last four years, I’ve specialized in brand photographs for businesses.

I’m also a wife and mom, so I know the special balancing act it takes to run a business and carry the mental load of motherhood. (Fist bump, mama).

I absolutely love meeting other business owner moms and helping them show up confidently online. Because I know, as moms, we typically don’t put ourselves first on the priority list.

I’m here to give you permission to bet on yourself and invest in yourself and the future of your business and watch it flourish.

How to know you’re a perfect fit:

  • You’re a photographer feeling frustrated
  • You’re tired not knowing if you're profitable
  • You feel like you're dropping the ball
  • You’re ready to get systems into place
  • You’re ready to invest in yourself and the future of your business

Catie Ronquillo is a business coach for new and upcoming photographers. She helps them streamline their business with systems and getting good with their finances. She helps newer photographers make and keep more of their hard earned money.

I'm Catie — creative strategist, brand photographer, and business coach.

and just who am I?

Mentoring will take place over Zoom at a scheduled time. You can ask any and all questions in person. Voxer Coaching takes place over the course of a day and you can ask questions during that time frame. Answers will be answered asynchronously.

I have one in the works, thanks for asking! You can get on the waitlist here. 

Possibly! Occasionally I'll reach out to past mentoring clients to help with photoshoots. If that's you, let's set up a mentor session first!

During a VIP Day, we'll evaluate your current systems, pricing, and workflows. Depending on the scope of what needs to be done, we'll come up with a plan to push your business forward.

You can check that out here.

If after your first mentoring session, VIP Day, or Voxer Coaching Day, you feel like you need additional support, you are welcome to book another session. 

Email me at hello
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that's what I want!

Let's get your business ducks in a row so that you can make and keep more of your hard earned money!

Level up your business!

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