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Dining Area at Brewed Fort Worth

Local Finds: Brewed

Last week, I took a trip out to Fort Worth to check out the Faces of Impressionism exhibit at the Kimbell Art Museum.Open post »

Casual Senior Portrait Outfits

Ever wonder what you should wear for your senior portraits? It can be a daunting task choosing what to wear. LuckilyOpen post »

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Best Friends Senior Portraits

Have you been thinking about booking your senior portrait session experience? How would you like to share theOpen post »

Favorite Find: Powersheets & Make it Happen

It’s a new year. Aside from Christmas time, this is one of my favorite times of the year. A time to reflect andOpen post »

14 Highlights of 2014

2014 has come and gone, and now here we are in 2015. Last year was a great year, it was a little bit of a rollerOpen post »

Happy New Year

Happy New Year! Welcome 2015! Well, here we are. It’s 2015. That makes me think of a few things. First,Open post »

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2014 Rewind and Wrap Up

Oh my goodness, how is 2014 coming to a close? It feels like every year just speeds by faster and faster the older IOpen post »

Business is Exciting

When I was in college, I avoided business classes like the plague. I chose a major that wouldn’t require muchOpen post »

10 Things You Don’t Know About Me

I’ve been participating in the Feel Good Blogging Challenge and these prompts have been fun. You can check outOpen post »

3 Steps to Getting Things Done

I’m one of those people who sits down in front of the computer to do something and then I get distracted by theOpen post »

Why I Love Photographing Senior Portraits for Girls

I’ve thought long and hard about sharing this post. It’s always difficult to share your most authentic selfOpen post »

A Simple Introduction

While I’ve been blogging for a while, it’s always fun to blog about yourself every once in aOpen post »

Creating New Habits

I’ve never been one to love exercise. I remember being in PE class in high school and dreading the beginning ofOpen post »

Top 5 Favorite Podcasts Catie Ronquillo Photography

Top 5 Favorite Podcasts to Check Out

Sometimes the radio can get really….redundant. The same song on two stations playing at the same time. Where isOpen post »

Top 10 Favorite Returning TV Shows Catie Ronquillo Photography

My 10 Favorite TV Shows Returning this Season

So I watch a lot of TV. A lot of it is done in binges (as is all the rage these days), and others I can’t missOpen post »